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Welcome to Soul Action! And welcome to a whole new time on our planet known as 'The' New Era, or The New Paradigm as I call it. What a wonderful time to create in a whole different way.

Are you using your creative talents to cocreate? Is there something you enjoy doing that you could choose to do more often, something that rejuvenates and reenergizes you? Most importantly, are you honoring yourself? Or is this a new concept for you?

While life continues to be turbulent, around the world, in our communities, in our political arenas, in our families, we remember that the macrocosm is the microcosm. While you can't control or even anticipate some things, what you CAN do is consciously choose to move through it in a whole new way. Part of that means taking time for yourself.

Know that you are a powerful being. You are here at a powerful time. Honoring yourself means recognizing your beautiful divine being. Take time for yourself each day. Be gentle with yourself. Check in daily and ask if you're consciously choosing to place your energies in areas that are love-based and joy-based and serve your higher purpose.

If you're ready to choose a new way of being, rediscover your authentic being and untapped potential, then you've come to the right place! Because that's what Soul Action is all about: your transformation and unfoldment. The time is right now. YOUR time is right now.

Laura Jackson and Soul Action are dedicated to helping YOU shift into a more joy-filled and soul-impassioned life. Isn't that what these times are all about... living "who you are" and "why you came"? There is so much more happening than we could possibly see with our physical yes. Sometimes it just takes new tools and greater awareness to transform chaotic energy into empowering energy and awareness. So you've come to the right place. We've been waiting for you.

Email your name and email address to receive Laura's Soul Notes newsletter and find out more about what's happening and upcoming talks and tools -- all designed to support you on your journey.

We wish you peace and joy as you walk your soul path. Know all is in divine order, and know you do not walk alone.

Infinite Blessings,
Rev. Laura


Welcome to Soul Action, whose "soul" mission is to help you on your soul path!

Launching Soul Action... for you
While the times we live in appear more challenging than ever, opportunities abound. For many the missing element is a very personal, inner connection. Soul Action offers many things, but at its heart it's all about helping people operate in a whole new time. Laura Jackson offers invaluable guidance and innumerable tools through her workshops, talks, working one-on-one with individuals like you.

What's missing?
For many the missing element is the inner connection of the heart. Absent in some modern "western" lives, the wisdom from many ancient and indigenous cultures is coming to Light, bringing increased awareness deeper understandings to many -- all discovered by going within. Reconnecting "within" creates greater joy "without". And when we truly listen, we are able to hear divine guidance and receive peace of mind and a sense of purpose that transcends seeming chaos in our outer world.

Time for Transformation!
Soul Action is proud to announce Time for Transformation, an experiential workshop series launched in January 2013. Created by Rev. Laura, these workshops are tailored to help you transform your life and tap into the energies of a whole new era on our planet. You will journal by writing and/or drawing, led through guided imagery and future visioning -- all while listening to specific megahertz frequencies and viewing new earth energy artwork by the fabulously-gifted artist, Tarver Harris. All of these tools -- and the vibration of the workshop -- help you align with the new and create your future NOW. If you are reading this and are ready to create your intentions, manifest your dreams and transform your life, then join us for this powerful workshop series.

Earth Changes
In 2008, Rev. Laura began speaking at Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) on Prophecy, Earth Changes, and more recently on Adapting to THE New Era. Connecting the dots, she has been helping people understand Cayce's earth changes readings through the lens of metaphysics, and weaving ancient prophecies with modern-day quantum physics. She will be doing more writing, coalescing seemingly divergent pieces of information, into a deeper understanding and ways of adapting and transcending the rapid and vast changes of today.

Transformational Speaker
Laura Jackson is a nationally-recognized speaker on earth changes, 2012 and New Paradigm Business, and speaks around the country about understanding what's happening at a deeper level and the tools and techniques that are transforming lives. Find out how you can have Rev. Laura speak at your event.

How may we help you?
Soul Action has many offerings -- from coaching to speaking to consulting. How can Soul Action better serve you? Drop us an email or give us a call. We would love the opportunity to support you on your soul path!

Namaste ~

"Witness the energizing and moving nature of Reverend Laura Jackson, founder of Soul Action, through her Speaking Engagements. Her metaphysical framework combined with her background in the judicial, social, educational and artistic systems creates the perfect foreground for collaborative future visioning -- for individuals, businesses and communities.  Rev. Jackson's consensus-building approach, gentle and light-hearted nature seamlessly reconnect people to themselves, to Source, and to a unified vision of tomorrow's New Paradigm Community.  One client referred to her work as "humanitarian rehabilitation.""


"We must be the change we wish to see in the world."


How are you being the change in your own life?

We want to hear about it. Please and let us know.

Rev. Laura


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